Fleet Mode: a powerful tool to keep your trucks moving

February 20, 2019 / Global

For carriers operating multiple trucks, managing their fleet is a full-time job. Every day, dispatchers juggle finding, assigning, booking, and overseeing loads for their drivers. In an industry as unpredictable as trucking, managing every load for every driver is challenging, and finding the most productive way to get the job done is imperative to the success of the business.

For the last year, we’ve been focused on building tools and services that enable carriers and their drivers to more efficiently find and book the freight they want and need. But for many carriers, a big part of keeping their freight moving means putting that same technology in the hands of their dispatchers.

To help carriers manage multiple trucks, we created fleet mode within the Uber Freight app. This tool empowers fleets to manage the most demanding aspects of their operations with ease and confidence.

How it works

With fleet mode, carriers and their dispatchers can find, book, assign and reassign the best loads for their team. Once logged in, carriers and their dispatchers can see a full list of their drivers and each driver’s details, schedule, and availability; they can also see all available Uber Freight loads. Dispatchers can also set each driver’s ability to see rates or book their own loads by changing the settings under driver permissions.

Whenever we set out to build a new product or feature for Uber Freight, our users are always top of mind. Fleet mode was one of the most requested tools in our carrier community, as our users look to grow their fleets by using Uber Freight. With this launch, we’re excited to bring another tool to market that helps these small trucking companies keep their businesses moving, and growing.

Fleet mode is now available via iOS and Android. To get started, sign up with Uber Freight.