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[Don’t Run Out] Uber Eats candy promo going fast —up to $50 per person in codes left | US Edition

October 18 / US


The world premiere horror film presented by Uber Eats

Have you heard the urban legend about the ghoulish terror that ensues if you run out of candy Halloween night? Well, we made a truly terrifying short film about it starring Keke Palmer, directed by Dan Trachtenberg.  And to make sure YOU  don’t run out, we’ve hidden $1M worth of Uber Eats convenience store promo codes throughout the film so you can stock up on candy and stay safe.  Up to $50 in promo codes redeemable per person*. 

Watch the film. Find the codes. Stay safe out there. 

**Looking for the Canada version? Click here.


The film contains 10 hidden promo codes ranging from $10-$500 for a total of $1M in discounts that can be redeemed at convenience stores on Uber Eats. 

  1. Watch & Rewatch —  Look for words and numbers written on objects. Some are really hidden — you might want to scrub frame-by-frame. Be warned, some clues are more trick than treat and result in no promo at all! 
  2. Redeem — If you think you found a promo code, go to your Uber Eats account and tap “Promotions”. Add each promo code to see its value. If it does not apply, then it is not a valid code or has reached the maximum redemptions. 
  3. Order — Use your promo code to order from thousands of local convenience stores in the United States. All promotions expire at midnight on October 31st, 2022. 

Click here to shop Uber Eats and redeem codes.

*Limited redemptions available on a first come, first served basis. Each promo code is redeemable once per person while limited redemptions last. Promo codes expire 10/31/22 and are only valid in the United States and at Convenience stores. Promo code terms apply.