5 fitness classes to try out in Dallas this summer

July 28, 2017 / Dallas

There’s no time like the present to conquer your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking for a reason to update your wardrobe, or you just want to feel better in your own skin, any and all inspirations are welcome when it comes to promoting good health. Want some help?

We’ve teamed up with our friends at StudioHop to give you a more creative way of reaching those elusive fitness goals. With StudioHop, a monthly membership gives you access to a list of local fitness spots that offers everything from surf-based workouts and rockclimbing to your traditional pilates and cycle classes. Ready to try something new? Here’s a highlight of some of the more idiosyncratic fitness classes featured by StudioHop.

Fitness sessions if you’re…

In the mood for sci-fi

Cryotherapy. Although travel by cryosleep isn’t a thing quite yet, the 15-Minute Deep Tissue Sports Recovery Chair Massage helps the body feel worlds away by speeding up the recovery process of fatigued muscles. It alleviates that stiffness you often feel after giving a workout 110%.

Studio: Mohler Cryotherapy

Digging the Beach Boys

City Surf Circuits. Just catching a wave can seem impossible, but this class will help you hop a board and hang ten like a pro. Juggling balance, flexibility, and strength atop a surfboard is a fun way to develop a more limber version of yourself. With practice, your newfound nimbleness will come in handy during your next beach vacation.

Studio: City Surf

Craving pretzels

Aerial Contortion. You’ll need to flex some grappling muscle to take yourself floor to ceiling here, so to build upper and lower body strength, you can sign up for this aerial yoga class. You’ll learn how to contort your body through silk and other props to reach all-new heights in fitness.

Studio: Moxie Mischief

Working out for two

Baby and Belly. This one’s great if you’re an expectant mom looking to prepare your body for childbirth, or if you’re a new mom wanting to snap back into shape while also getting to bond with baby—just make sure you’ve been cleared by your doctor. New moms are free to feed and diaper their little ones during this class—sessions are casual.

Studio: The Yoga Movement

Channeling your inner-Michelangelo

Cycle + Sculpt. Be the Master Sculptor of your body when you sign up for this class. High intensity interval training is comprised of 28 minutes of cycling sprints and 20 mins of fat-zapping weightlifting. Intense cardio paired with weights is a successful recipe for muscle building.

Studio: The Ride House

Use code UBERHOP25 at signup for 25% off your first month of membership. You can check out more unconventional workout options by taking a peek at StudioHop’s full post, 19 of the Coolest Classes in Dallas. Happy Hopping!