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The many flavors of Cleveland’s Mootown Creamery

October 18, 2017 / Cleveland

Since 2004, Mootown Creamery has kept the Cleveland area cool by serving deliciously adored ice cream. Angela Dickerson took over the Berea business in July and has continued the tradition of making 16 daily unique flavors (and even more rotating flavors) – all in house.

“The recipes were developed by families that were then passed down from previous owners. The beauty of our homemade ice cream is we get to experiment and make some of the flavors,” Dickerson said.

The flavors of ice cream rotate daily along with 75 different mix-ins including candy, fruit, and chocolate syrups to satisfy every craving. Of all flavors, there are two that are necessary to taste for your next order: Cinna-Moo-Bun and Blue Moon.

“Blue moon is a magical flavor. No one knows exactly what it is, and you just can’t get it anywhere else nearby. I put it on the menu permanently because my friend would drive 3 hours from Berea to Toledo since that was the only town that had it.”

Dickerson became an ice cream connoisseur in no time and has shaped Mootown Creamery into an ice cream shop with more thrills than just the frozen treat. The shop now holds events to bring the community together including game nights and karaoke.

“I’ve always been big on community and not just running a business, but supporting other businesses. Everywhere that I go, I am deeply rooted in the community that surrounds it.”

In December 2016, Mootown Creamery joined UberEATS hoping to reach a new audience that hadn’t yet been to the store. Since partnering, UberEATS made this possible by using exclusive data to identify trends and customer wants to optimize Dickerson’s menu.

UberEATS has helped  me reorganize the menu by finding out what eaters want and incorporating that into the menu. Since then, I’ve seen a dramatic increase in orders with the food delivery service.”

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