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April 5, 2018 / Chicago

Monique Harvey is a Working on Womanhood (WOW) alumna and a college student. Uber had a chance to sit down with her and ask a few questions about her participation in WOW and what inspires her.

Q: What is one thing you think people don’t know or would find most surprising about Youth Guidance and its WOW program?

A: What people will find surprising about Youth Guidance is how fast the bond grows between the mentors and students. I was able to confide in my counselor within weeks after knowing that her care for us was genuine. Others may take a while, but eventually everyone had a bond with the WOW counselors in some way, somehow.

Q: What does Youth Guidance bring to the City of Chicago?

A: Youth guidance brings exactly what their name is, guidance for the youth. In the City of Chicago, there is a lot of misguidance of our youth, and they have negative influences all around. Influences that might lead them down the wrong path. Sometimes youth are even surrounded by people with negative vibes. Organizations like Youth Guidance teach positives and show you the right thing to do. For example, they teach you respect for the elders and the adults around you who are trying to help you.

“If I keep my mind in a positive state, then positivity will follow. It’s the law of attraction.” -Monique Harvey

Q: Who inspires you most and why?

A: As of now, the person who inspires me most is my professor. She is the most down to earth, caring, sweetest and generous person that I know. She “steps and thinks outside the box” to make sure that her students have what they need to succeed in school. When anyone is in need, she is there, and will do whatever it takes. She’s hardworking and able to accomplish any task she puts her mind to..

Q: If you had a spirit animal, what would it be and why?

A: If I could choose a spirit animal, it would be a fox, because I’m active, successful in the workplace and I also spend a lot of time thinking. Foxes and I are closely related in personality. They are loyal, intelligent and like challenges.

Q: How do you try to be a force for positive change in your everyday life?

A: First, when I wake, I start off my day by being grateful to be able to function. As my day continues, I work on the way I speak to others, the time I spend being productive, and on learning new software and techniques. For example, I am learning the DJ software Serato, and new techniques in Final Cut Pro for my editing class. If I keep my mind in a positive state, then positivity will follow. It’s the law of attraction. Also, I take charge of my circle of friends, because those around you define who you may become and influence you.

Q: What made you want to get involved in Youth Guidance?

A: I was referred to the program, but after a few sessions, I enjoyed the environment, activities, and lessons I took away from Youth Guidance. Learning and understanding how emotions and thoughts affect my behavior made me come into ‘realization’ with myself and the reality I was living. Soon after, I could identify the problems without having to ask my counselor. The lessons were settling in.

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