Meet Tramaine

May 8, 2018 / Chicago

Tramaine is a mother of four young children and enjoys the opportunity that driving with Uber allows so that she is able to keep her children in good schools. When asked what she loves the most about being a mother, Tramaine expressed how being a mom has made her feel whole.

She describe one of the greatest joys of being a mother is being able to watch them use the positive values she has taught them into their daily lives. She hopes to teach that them to always be true to yourself, regardless of what the world around them may try to tell them.

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Tramaine is not only a dedicated mother, but has also dedicated her time to being a servicewoman. She told us that her time in service and training helped to shape the values she hopes to instill with her own children.

Being a mom is great, but being a veteran made me a great mom! All of the values I teach my children somehow came to light and made since during my trainings and my time in service! Without my service to this country, I couldn’t be the mother I am today!”

Family dinners are very important to her and driving with Uber allows her to make sure she is home in time to make make a nutritious dinner for her family while also spending quality time with them.

Between driving with Uber and taking care of four young children, Tramaine has a busy life. That’s why we wanted to treat her to a night where she could sit back, relax and enjoy a night out with her beautiful family. We surprised her with a family outing to a toy making workshop and dinner at a steakhouse.

Photo Credit: Kathleen Virginia Photography |

Here’s what Tramaine’s riders had to say about her:

“Thank you. You brought sunshine to my morning!”

“You totally made my night. Thanks for being an awesome person!”