Meet Gale

May 7, 2018 / Chicago

Gale has been a strong, hardworking and dedicated matriarch to her family. She told us that she loves driving with Uber not only because it provides her with the ability to support her family, but because she is a people person who enjoys doing what she can to make her riders happy.

Photo Credit: Kathleen Virginia Photography |

Despite suffering a family tragedy, Gale demonstrates perseverance and dedication to her family. When asked what she loves most about being a mother and grandmother, Gale shared that she loves watching her daughter strive to do better in everything she does and she enjoys watching her granddaughter grow into a beautiful and caring person. One lesson she has taught her daughter was to always help others whenever she can.

Inspired by Gale’s perseverance and dedication to her family, we wanted to help make this mother’s day memorable by giving her a day at the ballpark, where she can take the day off to relax and cheer on her favorite Chicago baseball team.

Photo Credit: Kathleen Virginia Photography |

Here’s what Gale’s riders had to say about her:

“What a stellar person. If only Gale could be my ride everywhere!”

“Gale, you’re awesome! Wish you and your family the best.”

“Thanks Gale. Best driver I’ve ever had!”