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Now, It Only Takes One Touch to Say “I’m on My Way.”

November 8, 2015 / Boston

Today, Boston became one of the first cities on the Uber platform to offer the new SafetyNet feature to riders. SafetyNet makes the “Share my ETA” feature just a one-step process, so riders can quickly and easily share their ETA. At Uber, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the rider and driver experience with new technology features.

SafetyNet lets riders pre-select up to five contacts to receive information about their trip, including their location on a map, as well as the first name and vehicle information of the driver-partner bringing them to their destination.

SafetyNet is designed to enhance the most important part of any trip for riders and drivers: safety.

Transparency is one important way that Uber’s technology improves safety in transportation. By keeping driver-partners, riders and their loved ones informed of where they are and who they are with, Uber takes the anonymity out of a trip.

Uber believes that safe and reliable transportation should be accessible to everyone. “Share My ETA” would allow riders to send a link via SMS to a GPS-enabled map that shows their trip to a selected contact. But now, with SafetyNet, riders don’t need to rely on text messaging to utilize this technology. Uber sends the link from the server, which makes the the feature usable by virtually all riders on the platform, regardless of any limitations on their phone plan.

Uber Boston is excited to announce the start of its SafetyNet pilot, with a national rollout expected in the coming weeks.

What does SafetyNet look like?

  1. Select ‘Add Emergency Contacts’
  2. step-1

  3. Select contacts from phone
  4. step-2

  5. Tap ‘Send Status to Contacts’
  6. step-3

  7. Pre-selected contacts will already be highlighted. Tap ‘Send’.
  8. step-4