Marathon Monday Ride Guide

April 12, 2017 / Boston

Marathon Monday is one of the city’s greatest traditions. With over 30,000 runners and half a million spectators, this is one of the most anticipated, but also craziest events of the year. Read our tips below for getting to and from the marathon quickly and safely.

Tip 1: Don’t cross the marathon route

It may seem obvious, but be sure to request on your side of the marathon route as it will be nearly impossible for cars to cross the route.

Tip 2: Walk a few blocks from route before requesting

Pick-ups in the area surrounding the finish line will be hard. Please consult the map below for road closures and walk a few blocks from the closures before requesting.

Tip 3: Text or call your driver to confirm your pick-up location.

Boston is going to be a bit of a zoo on marathon day. If you have any doubts that your driver will be able to find you, please call or text them with more information regarding your pick-up location.

Road Closures

Have a safe and happy marathon!