Support Uber Amendments

March 9, 2016 / Boston

Today, the Massachusetts House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on legislation that impacts Uber in the Commonwealth. Legislators are expected to consider over 30 changes to pending legislation regulating ridesharing. We want to ensure over hundreds of thousands of riders continue to have access to safe and reliable transportation options.

Uber supports amendments 23, 9, 17, 8, 21, 4 and 19.


Tweet or call your legislator and tell them to support these amendments to support Uber in the Commonwealth!


Amendment #23 – Transportation Network Company Certification

Would allow for electronic exchange between the government division and Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), like Uber, to address maximum wait period and process for exchange of driver information, signature, etc. Technology can improve the system and help drivers get on the road, ensuring reliable and safe transportation options.

Amendment #9 – Vehicle Inspections

Require annual inspection to supplement annual state requirement; 2nd inspection can be done by 3rd party with a 10 year vehicle requirement.

Amendment #17 – Dynamic Pricing

Allows for dynamic pricing with requirement that TNCs disclose fare and fare calculation method on website or within app; required to provide rider with applicable rates and option for a fare estimate before requesting, so riders can have the reliable ride they have depended on.

Amendment #8 – Trade Dress

TNCs issue decals approved by the Division to ensure driver-partners can get on the road.

Amendment #21 – Preemption

TNCs and TNC drivers are governed by statewide regulations, preempting local jurisdictions from creating new, burdensome regulations.

Amendment #4 – Logan and Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) Pick Ups

Removes language banning non-livery Logan and BCEC pick ups. Your right to choose your ride at Logan Airport and Boston Convention and Exhibition Center is protected.

Amendment #19 – Insurance

Equitable insurance coverage to ensure every kind of “ride for hire” has you covered.