Shining a Light on Uber Austin

March 6, 2014 / Austin

There’s no question that Austin is a vibrant city with a lot to celebrate. The live music scene is one of the best in the world, startups are plentiful and the food is exceptional. But with all that excitement, too often, an epic night out ends in the frustrating scenario of waiting endlessly for a taxi that never arrives.

That’s why Uber is perfect for the city of Austin. Uber is all about moving people, whether it’s connecting you with a ride to that next investor pitch or dropping you off at your favorite indie music showcase. Simply tap the app and stylish, efficient and reliable transportation arrives in minutes.

To date, innovation in this space has been stifled by regulations that shield the taxi industry from healthy competition at the expense of consumers who can’t get where they need to go and drivers who are unable to making a good living or build their small businesses.

Laws requiring a $55 minimum, whether your ride is five or 50 minutes, limit those who can book a sedan ride to only the wealthy. A city-mandated 30-minute pre-arrangement makes it impossible to get a ride when and where you need it.

Meanwhile, ride-sharing drivers are forbidden from accepting payment for their services. They’re allowed to help riders get around conveniently, but it’s illegal for them to be compensated fairly. This is unacceptable in a world-class city. It’s bad for Austinites and visitors alike.

#AustinNeedsUber and we hope to be part of your community soon. Let your friends, followers, and the city know on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about your experience using Uber in cities around the world and why you think Bat City would benefit. Plus, check out @Uber_ATX on Twitter and comment below so we can keep you in the loop on our status in Austin. Uber on!

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