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Uber & MARTA: Connecting The Last Mile

July 23, 2015 / Atlanta

Since Uber arrived in Atlanta three years ago, we’ve worked to make your daily travel as convenient as possible. That’s why we’re proud to announce our “Last Mile Campaign” with MARTA.

Ride Uber To or From

the MARTA Station

For some metro Atlantans, getting to or from the MARTA station or bus stop can be difficult. Uber’s expanded coverage area in Atlanta can help solve this challenge. Now, travelers can request an Uber ride wherever they are in the metro area to make sure they can complete the first or last mile of their journeys, so that navigating the city is easier than ever before.

In fact, many Atlantans are already using both Uber and MARTA to get to their destinations. This year alone, Uber riders took hundreds of thousands of trips to or from MARTA stations, and these dual-service travelers are growing in number. So the next time you need to get to a MARTA location, open the Uber app and enjoy a seamless, reliable ride.

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