Be one of the first drivers in your city to get a cartop display

November 20 / Atlanta

How it works

Each week, you can make $40 for your first 20 hours of driving with a cartop display and $10 for every additional 5 hours of driving with a cartop display, up to $150 per week. The hours are calculated by when the cartop display is on, in motion, and in permitted areas (see permitted areas). *See terms for additional details.

Installation is quick, easy, and free

Installation usually takes approximately one hour and Cargo guarantees that the device will not harm your vehicle at any stage of the installation process.

Easy maintenance

The cartop displays are maintained and insured by Cargo. However, a Cartop display may impact your vehicle insurance. You are advised to consult with your auto insurance provider if a commercial insurance rider may be required.

Limited costs

A $150 security deposit is required for installation. It will be deducted from your Uber earnings and will be refunded when you return the cartop display.

Eligible vehicles

If your car has a sunroof, moonroof, or a roof rack Cargo will not be able to install the Cartop ad display.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

About cartop displays

Making money with a cartop display

Care and maintenance

Help and support

*Terms: $150 deposit required. Weekly earning potential: $40 for the first 20 hours of driving in areas where cartop can display ads, and the $10 for every 5 hours after that up to $150 total. Cartops cannot display ads on airport property and other geofenced locations. This offer is for eligible vehicles only for a limited time only. Additional vehicle insurance may be required. Digital ads are chosen by Uber and displayed on all vehicles in the cartop display program in your city. Terms and offer subject to change. Don’t Change Your Driving.  Because some insurers may exclude commercial use (Know Your Insurance), Uber strongly recommends that Owners not drive merely to collect cartop Rent (as opposed to ride-sharing driving or day-to-day activities) without first consulting with their Insurer (Get an Insurance Check-Up). Just keep driving as you did when Uber selected you for the cartop rental program.