Join us and Dress for Success in support of women’s empowerment

February 8, 2018 / Alaska

As we recognize the achievements of women, we’re proud to share the news of our partnership with Dress for Success, a nonprofit that aims to help women build economically stable lives.

Dress for Success is focused on providing women with professional attire, development tools, and networking opportunities—important factors in breaking the cycle of poverty and creating lasting solutions.

We’re joining forces with Dress for Success to ensure women have access to flexible work opportunities and safe, reliable transportation.

Our commitment through the Uber NW Community Impact Initiative

This year we’re supporting Dress for Success chapters in Washington and Oregon with over $40,000 in funding and free Uber rides for workforce and economic development programs.

Want to join us in supporting Dress for Success? Find out how you can get involved.

Donating clothes for a good cause

Dress for Success not only shares guidance on interviewing best practices, but also provides women with interview attire and fitting appointments. These services go a long way toward helping job seekers build confidence and project a positive image.

On March 24, thanks to our riders and driver-partners, we were able to collect close to 400 bags of clothing, which will help more than 850 women suit up for job interviews. We appreciate everyone’s joint effort to support our local communities in Seattle and Portland!

How Dress for Success is changing lives

Jamicka Edwards has endured many hardships—divorce, depression, and homelessness—yet she’s full of positivity. A single mom of 3 sons, she’s an inspiring example of what can be achieved through perseverance. When she needed reinforcement, Dress for Success was there to help her realize her full potential.

The global nonprofit provides women with professional attire and interview support services designed to help them regain their confidence. As a partner in the Uber NW Community Impact Initiative, the funding and donations Dress for Success receives will go toward helping more women across Washington and Oregon achieve economic stability.

Facing adversity

For many women, it can be a challenge to simply ask for help. Over the course of 10 months, Jamicka visited public places with free internet and submitted job applications, hoping to get hired. Despite her determination to succeed, she experienced rejection after rejection. “I applied to over 500 jobs and went to interviews. My self esteem was low. I gained weight. I was feeling down and depressed.”

Regaining confidence

With little to hope for, Jamicka acted on a referral to Dress for Success. During her first visit, she met April, a stylist assigned to help her find an outfit for job interviews. April’s approach and personable nature put Jamicka at ease. “I was disgusted with the way that I looked, but she made me feel so beautiful. She helped me get my strength back.” A few days after getting new clothes, Jamicka received a job offer.

Looking forward to the future

Not long after her meeting with Dress for Success, Jamicka secured a job for the Veterans Affairs office in Washington State. She recently transferred to the Indianapolis branch and is establishing a local support network that continues to aid in her success. Her children love their new city, and they’re even getting used to the snow.

Dress for Success has created countless success stories like Jamicka’s. Join us in advancing the organization’s mission to empower women—participate in our clothing drive on March 24.

The Uber NW Community Impact Initiative has donated over $500,000 in financial assistance and rides to 4X nonprofits across the region. For more information, visit