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180 Days of Change: Building together in 2018

December 7, 2017 / US

As we look to the future, we want to be clear in our commitment to you: our goal is to build the best driver experience possible for you, and with you. That’s why moving forward, we’re formalizing the way we integrate your feedback to put drivers at the center of how we plan for the future.

3 ways you can influence the future of driving with Uber

Give us feedback anytime

Now in the Uber app, you’ll be able to give us feedback & suggest improvements anytime. Simply tap Help and select Feedback. We’ll use your feedback to inform our priorities and introduce features to improve your experience.

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Help test new features and updates

We’re announcing an Early Tester program for eligible drivers to try features and updates before they’re widely available, so we can build better products together. We’ll be rapidly expanding this program in 2018.

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Join the Driver Advisory Forum
Twice a year, we’ll fly a group of drivers to Uber HQ in San Francisco to meet with members of our executive team on the issues that matter most to you. Your perspective will ensure our priorities are aligned with yours. The first Driver Advisory forum will be held on January 16, 2018. sign up to be eligible to join us

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These new programs will ensure drivers are at the heart of everything we do. We’re dedicated to finding success together and committed to delivering the best driver experience possible, 365 days a year.