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Fly past traffic

Book a seamless 3-part journey with Uber Copter¹—including rides with Uber to or from the downtown Manhattan and JFK heliports—in just a few taps.

Riders can save up to 30 minutes on Uber trips to or from JFK Airport, with only 7 minutes in the air.

Step 1

Enter your destination, select Copter as your ride option, and confirm your pickup location.

Step 2

Select the number of seats you would like to book, and tap Next.

Step 3

Choose your preferred itinerary and tap Next. Then tap Agree and Request to complete the booking.

Where and when Uber Copter is available

Uber Copter is available for booking Monday through Friday from 1pm to 6pm ET, for trips between Manhattan and JFK International Airport. Book a seamless, multimodal journey—including an Uber trip to and from the heliports—with just a few taps.

Get picked up or dropped off anywhere in Manhattan below 110th Street. There are also additional areas in Brooklyn where you may book your ride for pickup or dropoff. Check your app for the latest availability.

If your journey is starting and ending within our designated zones in Manhattan and at JFK, you’ll see Copter as an option in your Uber app. Simply set your pickup and dropoff locations—one in Manhattan and the other at JFK Airport—to see Uber Copter’s windows of availability and pricing. Only available on iOS.

Only available on iOS.

¹Uber is an indirect air carrier serving as a Part 295 air charter broker. Uber is not a direct air carrier and does not operate flights. All flights are operated by HeliFlite Shares LLC or by other FAA/DOT-licensed direct air carriers. See full terms and conditions.

²Estimated average flight time is based on actual ride data from 2019. Actual trip length and time savings may vary. The time savings estimate is based on data from October 28, 2019 – November 20, 2019, and on comparison between the average duration of Uber Copter trips and average duration of completed Uber trips (excluding UberPool) to and from JFK that were requested during the same times and in the same areas in which Uber Copter trips are available for booking.