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通过应用加入 Uber Rewards(优步奖励)计划。具体操作很简单,而且免费。

第 1 步

打开优步应用,轻触左上角的菜单图标,然后从列表中选择“Uber Rewards(优步奖励)”

第 2 步


第 3 步

请花少许时间查看条款与条件,然后轻触“接受”。您现已成为 Uber Rewards(优步奖励)会员!

Earn points on every eligible dollar spent with Uber and orders with Uber Eats

It’s free to join, and you’ll start earning points for every eligible dollar spent on rides and orders.¹




0 个积分


1,200 pts


4,000 pts


7,500 pts

Exclusive member offers

Uber Rewards members get access to special offers

Plus (filled)

Earn points on rides

Earn 1 point per eligible $1 on UberPool.

Earn 2 points per eligible $1 on UberX, UberXL, Uber Comfort & Assist

Earn 3 points per eligible $1 on Uber Premium

Plus (filled)

Earn points on orders with Uber Eats

Earn 1 point per eligible $1 on Uber Eats

Plus (filled)

Extra rewards every 750 points

优步、Uber Eats 优食和其他优秀合作伙伴提供的一系列奖励(如澳洲航空积分)供您选择。

Plus (filled)

Uber Comfort savings

Enjoy 10% off an Uber Comfort trip every month.

Plus (filled)

Price confidence on a route

During busy hours, you’ll be covered by a promotion up to a certain price between your two favourite places. Terms apply.

Plus (filled)

Premium phone support

Enjoy dedicated 24/7 phone support from experienced support agents.

Plus (filled)

升级至 Premier

以优选轿车的价格享受 Premier 服务,每月一次行程最高可优惠 50%

Plus (filled)

了解通过 Uber Rewards(优步奖励)赚取积分的方法

Earn 1 point per eligible $1 on UberPool & Uber Eats

Earn 2 points per eligible $1 on UberX, UberXL, Uber Comfort & Assist

Earn 3 points per eligible $1 on Uber Premier


  • With Uber Rewards, you’ll unlock benefits based on your membership level. See Benefits Terms for details.

  • You can check in-app what membership level you are in. Your membership level is determined by your last 6 months of spend with Uber and orders with Uber Eats at the time of enrolment.

  • Blue - available to everyone

    Gold - Unlocks at 1,200 points

    Platinum - Unlocks at 4,000 points

    Diamond - Unlocks at 7,500 points

  • You will upgrade to a higher membership level as soon as you reach the points required. You will then have 6 months in your new level, unless you level up again.

  • When Uber Rewards becomes available to you, you'll see the signup screen pop up in your Uber or Uber Eats app and/or you'll get an email invitation asking you to join our program.

  • You will earn points on international trips or orders once the amount spent is translated into the local currency, but you can only access rewards or redeem benefits in your home country.

  • 目前无法通过自行车行程或滑板车行程赚取积分。但我们计划很快将此类行程纳入 Uber Rewards(优步奖励)计划。

  • For full program overview and T&Cs please click here

¹Excludes UberTaxi and JUMP bikes and scooters. Other restrictions apply. See Benefits Terms for details.

²Membership levels are Blue (available to everyone), Gold (unlocks at 1,200 points), Platinum (unlocks at 4,000 points), and Diamond (unlocks at 7,500 points). See Program Terms for details.