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Hobart Airport (HBA)

Information for driver-partners

Riders at HBA can request an Uber when to and from the airport. Learn how to receive these trip requests and cash in on the action.

How to become eligible for pick-ups at Hobart Airport

To receive trip requests to and from the airport, you’ll need to review and agree to the Hobart Airport Terms and Conditions. Driver-partners will receive a notification via the Uber Driver app with more information

Pick-ups at Hobart Airport

How to accept trips

1. Enter the virtual queue

Once you have accepted Hobart Airport’s terms and conditions, place yourself in the airport queue by heading to the designated waiting area. The designated waiting area is the only location where driver-partners can receive trip requests.

2. Accept a trip request and head to the airport terminal

Once you are at the front of the queue, you will receive the next available trip request. In order to meet your rider, follow the navigation to the Passenger Pick-up lane in front of the terminal.

3. Locate your rider and exit the airport

Once your rider is in your car, you can begin the trip just as you normally would, following the signs to exit the airport.


Do I lose my place in queue if my rider cancels?

You do not lose your place in the queue if your rider cancels. You will lose your place in the queue if you do any of the following:

  • Reject a trip request
  • End or cancel a trip
  • Go offline
  • Exit the designated waiting area

How do I know where I am in the queue?

After arriving in the waiting area, your position in the queue will appear (shown in your driver app as a numerical range). It’s important to remember that your position in the queue won’t always mean the same wait time. For example, position 15 can sometimes wait 30 minutes and other times only 5 minutes depending on demand.

Is it possible for me to lose my access to receive airport requests?

Yes, as part of Hobart Airport’s terms and conditions, driver-partners can lose their access to airport trips if they commit any of the offences listed in the terms and conditions. It is important that you review and understand Hobart Airport’s terms and conditions.

If I’ve just dropped a rider off at the airport, how long will I need to wait for a new trip request?

You may receive a new trip request quickly, if there’s a rider request nearby when you drop someone off at Hobart airport. This means you may not have to wait in the virtual queue.

If you don’t receive a request within a few moments, this means there are no Rematch trips available and you should wait in the designated waiting area in the virtual queue if you would like to receive another airport trip request.

Please note: Waiting for a Rematch trip at the drop-off or pick-up area is not permitted. Please comply with all airport rules during airport trips.