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Earning with Uber

Each person driving with Uber or delivering with Uber Eats has their own story. But they all have one thing in common: they chose Uber for the flexibility it gives them to earn when they want. To decide their own hours around study, family or other commitments. To be their own boss. And to meet new people every day. Here are some of their stories.

Chonny Day delivers with Uber Eats!

This is the story of a hero and his side kick! Watch Chonny and Dalena experience life, delivering with Uber Eats on the streets of Melbourne.

Deliver with Uber Eats

Ever considered delivering with Uber Eats? Find out more about the experience, and how to make it work for you, like Aditya, Mariana and Taylor.

Drive with Uber

What is it really like to drive with Uber? Ange, Nathan and Valerio share their experiences. Find out if it's right for you, too.

Find out if it's right for you, too.

Meet Aditya, Ange, Mariana, Nathan, Taylor and Valerio, and find out how they turn their spare time into extra income.


The queen of flexibility.

Mariana dedicates 110% of her time to CrossFit. The rest of the time she enjoys the freedom to earn when she wants with Uber Eats. Take that, maths.



A Tesla-driving driving machine.

Nathan’s been driving with Uber for 5 1/2 years. First, in his mum’s Nissan Micra, and now, in his very own Tesla. Yep, he’s put his old job in hospitality in the rearview mirror and since then he’s clocked up over 19,000 rides. But hey, who’s counting?



Driving-mad driver at your service.

Aditya loves cars. Loves them. A mechanic by day, you’ll often find this social soul delivering for Uber Eats on the side. Oh, and he sometimes gives trading tips on YouTube live. True story.



Getting delivery down to a science.

Science student Taylor delivers with Uber Eats because it works around his uni studies. He often delivers in his spare time in between his science experiments, and after the first week trying it, admits he was hooked!



Drive. Study. Sing. Repeat.

Valerio sets his own hours and fits them neatly around his teaching studies. He loves meeting new people when driving with Uber. Ask nicely and this charming Italian student may even sing a little opera for you. Grazie, Valerio.



A literal boss.

Boss of her own business, and her own boss with Uber. Driving with Uber gave Ange the confidence to leave her job, follow her passions and start her own food business. 5 years on, she still loves the flexibility it gives her. If your ears like Foo Fighters or Led Zepp you could do a lot worse than ride with Ange.