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Fly past traffic

Book a seamless 3-part journey with Uber Copter¹ – including rides with Uber to or from the downtown Manhattan and JFK heliports – in just a few taps.

Riders can save up to 30 minutes on Uber trips to or from JFK Airport, with only 7 minutes in the air.

Book an Uber Copter trip

Step 1

Enter your destination, select Copter as your ride option, and confirm your pickup location.

Step 2

Select the number of seats you would like to book, and tap Next.

Step 3

Choose your preferred itinerary and tap Next. Then tap Agree and Request to complete the booking.

Where and when Uber Copter is available

Uber Copter is available for booking Monday-Friday from 1:00pm to 6:00pm ET, for trips between Manhattan and JFK International Airport. Book a seamless, multimodal journey – including an Uber trip to and from the heliports – with just a few taps.

Get picked up or dropped off anywhere in Manhattan below 110th Street. There are also additional areas in Brooklyn where you may book your ride for pickup or drop-off. Check your app for the latest availability.

If your journey is starting and ending within our designated zones in Manhattan and at JFK, you’ll see Copter as an option in your Uber app. Simply set your pickup and dropoff locations – one in Manhattan and the other at JFK Airport – to see Uber Copter’s windows of availability and pricing. Only available on iOS.

The benefits of Uber Copter


Take the stress out of airport travel when you fly with Uber Copter. Riders can save up to 30 minutes on Uber trips to or from JFK Airport, with only 7 minutes in the air².

Safe and seamless

Safety is a top priority. All flights are operated by our partner HeliFlite, a licensed FAA/DOT direct air carrier. HeliFlite has earned ARGUS Platinum rating and Wyvern Wingman certification, both of which are awarded after an audit of an operator’s safety programs. HeliFlite operates twin-engine dual-piloted aircraft, and all of its pilots are instrument-rated.


Book a seamless 3-part journey as easily as you order a ride with Uber. Just tell us when you want to arrive, and we’ll help you plan the rest.

Ready for take-off?

One baggage item, one personal item

Baggage must not exceed 62 inches (157 cm) when you total length, height and width, and it must weigh 50 pounds (22 kg) or less. The personal item can include a purse, a briefcase, or a laptop bag (or comparable) and must fit on your lap or by your feet. Extra luggage or luggage that doesn’t meet these requirements might not be allowed on the helicopter and/or may lead to changes to the flight schedule due to aircraft weight/balance.

Bring your ID

In order to board your Copter flight, you must present a government-issued ID with a name that matches the name on your Uber account. For your safety and security, we check every passenger’s government-issued ID at check-in. See the frequently asked questions section for a list of valid IDs.

Weight and balance

To comply with safety regulations and to verify operations within aircraft performance characteristics, the weight of passengers and their luggage is collected before the flight.

Prohibited items

The following items must not be carried onboard the aircraft at any time: aerosol cans, corrosives, e-cigarettes, explosives, flammables, lithium batteries, oxidizers, radioactive materials, toxins, and weapons. For a complete list of prohibited items and our policy on pets, see our full terms and conditions.


From Uber Copter to Uber Air

Uber’s power of the platform

Uber Copter is Uber’s first multimodal experience leveraging the power of the platform, where booking a flight – including ground trips using the Uber app to get to and from the heliports – is as simple as ordering a ride.

Uber Copter is the first step toward transforming urban aviation and building our future urban air mobility product: Uber Air.

Only available on iOS.

¹Uber is an indirect air carrier serving as a Part 295 air charter broker. Uber is not a direct air carrier and does not operate flights. All flights are operated by HeliFlite Shares, LLC or other FAA/DOT licensed direct air carriers. See full terms and conditions.

²Estimated average flight time is based on actual ride data from 2019. Actual trip length and time savings may vary. The time savings estimate is based on data from 28 October 2019 – 20 November 2019, and on comparison between the average duration of Uber Copter trips and average duration of completed Uber trips (excluding UberPool) to and from JFK that were requested during the same times and in the same areas in which Uber Copter trips are available for booking.