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Top summer safety tips

Safety never stops

Every ride should be safe and enjoyable this summer, so here are some tips to help make sure each ride is a great experience.

1. Check your ride, every time

You can make sure the car you’re getting into matches the details shown in your Uber app in 3 easy steps:

  1. Match the licence plate number.
  2. Match the car’s make and model.
  3. Check the driver’s photo.

2. Begin every ride with the app

Using the app is the only way to request a ride with Uber. It’s the simplest and safest way to get where you need to go, and we don’t offer the capability to hail a ride on the street.

3. Make sure your pickups and drop offs are safe

When you request your ride, keep an eye out for road hazards and no-stopping zones. Try to find somewhere safe for your driver to stop close by and use the anonymised calling and messaging feature in the app to let them know where you are. Before exiting a vehicle always look over your shoulder, and keep an eye out for cyclists, cars, pedestrians and scooters.

4. Be a back-seat rider

Sitting in the back seat gives you and your driver a bit of extra space. This also ensures you can safely exit on either side of the vehicle to avoid moving traffic. And just because you can’t reach the stereo, doesn’t mean you can’t make a few music requests.

5. Respect your driver

We want every ride to be a safe and respectful experience for you and your driver, so we don’t tolerate bad behaviour. Remember, rider ratings count, so don’t let yours drop this summer! Visit our Community Guidelines to find out how to make every interaction a five-star experience.

6. Use the safety features at your fingertips

In the unlikely event you encounter an emergency during your ride, you can use the Emergency Assistance button on your app to be connected directly to local emergency services. Your location will also be displayed on the screen so you can let the operator know quickly and accurately where you are.

7. Share your journey with friends or family

With a quick tap, you can share where you are and where you’re headed with anyone in your device’s contact list so they can follow your ride in real time.

8. Be responsible when you’re drinking

While Uber is a great way to get around if you’re having a drink, remember it’s illegal to bring an open alcohol container inside your ride, so keep a lid on it until you get to where you’re going. If your stomach has taken a turn on the home stretch, give your driver plenty of time to pull up – because if you avoid the mess, you’ll avoid the cleaning fee.

9. Give feedback about your trip

You’ll be asked to rate each trip in the app. Your feedback is confidential and helps keep Uber safe and enjoyable for everyone. If you ever experience a safety issue on a trip, please report it to Uber. Our 24/7 response team will follow up.

Millions of people have great experiences with Uber every day. These positive interactions help define who we are. Thank you for choosing to help make Uber a safe and welcoming community.

*This feature is not available in every country. In the case of an outage of this feature, phone numbers might not be anonymised.