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Western Australia Government Levy

The WA On-demand Passenger Transport Levy is part of the new Transport (Road Passenger Services) Regulations. It requires all on-demand transport providers to pay a temporary levy to the WA Government for each trip taken.

Update to trip fares in Western Australia

10% Government Levy

As of 1 April 2019, the WA Government will require all taxi, rideshare and hire car providers to pay a temporary levy for each trip taken.

This levy will be used by the WA Government to fund a $120 million taxi compensation package. It will be added to your rider's fare. In turn, Uber will deduct the same amount from you. This will not impact the net amount you receive for each trip.

More specifically, the levy you charge your riders is calculated as 10% of the fare and booking fee you charge your riders. The same amount will be charged by Uber to you and will be deducted from any remittance to you. As such, your net earnings will not be impacted by the levy.