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Perth (PER) Airport

Instructions for drivers
Riders at PER can request Uber when leaving the airport. Learn how to receive these trip requests and cash in on the action.
How to receive requests

Picking up from Perth Airport

Before you can start receiving trip requests from the Airport, you’ll need to accept the Perth Airport Terms & Conditions for Rideshare Driver Access. Driver-partners will receive a notification via the Uber Driver app with more information.

Pickups at PER

How pickup requests work

Each terminal has a separate designated holding area for Uber driver-partners. This is the only place on the Perth Airport estate that you will be able to receive trip requests. Please follow any directions from airport personnel.

  1. Once you enter the designated holding area, you will be placed in the virtual queue. The driver-partner who has been waiting the longest will be the first to receive a trip request. There are separate holding areas and virtual queues for T1/T2 and T3/T4. There are also separate virtual queues for uberX, SELECT, BLACK and XL.
  2. Once you receive a trip request, you can leave the holding area and proceed to the designated Rideshare Pickup Bay at the terminal. The app will guide you, but see the maps below to familiarise yourself with the bays. Please note that these are the only places at the terminal where you should pick up riders.
  3. You can wait for your rider in the designated Rideshare Pickup Bay for a maximum of three minutes. Once your rider arrives you can make your way out of the airport and onwards towards your rider’s destination.
  4. Please make your way from the designated Rideshare Pickup Bays as soon as your rider gets in your car and always follow directions by airport personnel.

Note 1: Use of the Holding Area is free for the first 60 minutes after which overstay charges will be applied at the standard Short Term Car Park rate. Payment is via credit card only.

Note 2: You will remain in line until any of the following happens: you leave the Perth Airport estate, you reject a trip request, you cancel a trip, you go offline, or you turn your phone off. You will only receive a trip request if you are in the designated holding area.

Perth (PER) Airport

Airport fee

In addition to the base fare you charge to riders, for airport pick-ups an additional $3.00 Airport Fee will be added to their fare. This fee is paid directly to the airport and will appear in your statements under booking fee and other contributions.

Uber waiting areas at PER

T1 & T2 share a designated waiting area on Horrie Miller Dr and Airport Dr. You can find the entrance on Horrie Miller Dr.

Once you receive a trip request, proceed along Horrie Miller Dr to the terminal and rideshare pickup bays shown in the Uber driver app.

T3 & T4 share a designated waiting area on Dunreath Dr, opposite the Rio Tinto building.

Once you receive a trip request, proceed along Dunreath Dr and Fauntleroy Ave into the bus lane to the T3 & T4 pickup bays near the Connect bus area.

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