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Australia's Modern Slavery Statement

As a global company, Uber Technologies, Inc. is committed to upholding fundamental human rights and believes that all human beings around the world should be treated with dignity, fairness and respect.

Uber does not tolerate, use or condone slavery, servitude, forced labour or human trafficking (which together we call “modern slavery”). We are committed to conducting our business in a manner that works to eliminate modern slavery.

In preparing this statement, Uber Australia assessed the risk of modern slavery across our Australian operations and supply chain and has provided information about our approach and progress made to date.

Our approach and progress

We do not tolerate modern slavery and are committed to playing our part in confronting it. We actively promote and protect the safety and welfare of partners, employees and users. In addition, in markets around the world, Uber actively protects and respects human rights through partnerships with government bodies, law enforcement agencies and community organisations to support vulnerable groups.

Addressing modern slavery risk is complex and challenging, and our activities will evolve as we continue to improve the capabilities of our people, our business systems and our processes. Our Modern Slavery Working Group will play a central role in coordinating our response to managing risks across Uber Australia’s operations and will offer a leading practice benchmark for our global business.

Additional resources

Learn more about modern slavery and how to identify signs of it at the Red Cross Work Right Hub