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Operations & Launch

at Uber

We work where Uber’s digital technology meets the real world.

Why Operations & Launch at Uber?

Make a Big Impact

Operations initiatives have a direct impact on millions of rides happening on the platform every single week.

Learn by Doing

From Day 1, Operations team members are hands-on, collaborating with teams across the company to drive success.

Shape the Future

In an Operations role, you will put into practice the work we do to move the world a few steps forward.

Meet the team

  • Koosie Boggs

    Sr. Manager, Ridesharing Operations

    “For me, Uber has been the total package of a work environment. It’s fast-paced and consistently evolving so I’m kept on my toes, I’m learning on the fly, and I’m totally immersed in the outcomes of our day-to-day business. Uber also encourages creativity, pushing us to innovate and experiment. It feels like the first place I’ve worked where it's okay to experiment and make mistakes, so long as we’re always learning from them and moving forward.”

  • Emma Vaz

    Chief Business Officer, EMEA

    “As a woman in the tech industry who has been part of multiple organisations and teams, I have benefited from companies and teams that have valued diversity and inclusion, and seen the difference within companies and teams that don’t.

    I have grown in my roles by focusing on the impact we are trying to create in the world and my role within that, even when I had doubts; feeling the fear and overcoming it."

  • Nick Valentino

    Operations, JUMP Bikes

    “Being on the JUMP team reminds me of being on the Uber team four years ago. Micromobility is an exciting and new industry, but with the accelerated growth comes changing priorities, evolving regulations, and new problems every day. This has helped me learn to be comfortable in uncertainty, as truly no two days at JUMP are the same.”

  • Jack Dwyer

    Manager, Head of Regulatory Strategy & Operations

    “I’m proud that our team’s work directly affects the day-to-day experiences of customers in our cities. I’m inspired when I hear the stories of drivers who have started new lives in America and are using Uber to make extra money; riders who say that they can’t imagine how they’d get around their city affordably without us; and cities that are partnering with us to help drive ridership of the First Mile / Last Mile public transit program.”

  • Tala Akhavan

    Central Operations Manager, Rider

    "As the business owners for our UberX and Shared Rides products in North America, our team is responsible for managing and growing these businesses for Uber. This means we're able to work creatively with different teams across Uber, from Product to Marketing to Finance, to define how we can best serve our customers and identify areas where we need to refine our product offerings. It's a highly dynamic and cross-functional role that's always evolving based on customer and company priorities."

  • Rachael Jaye

    General Manager, Uber Eats

    “Uber has found a great product-market fit again and again with each new business line we build out --- we just need smart, driven problem-solvers to build out the business to meet that demand. We started with Rides but now have expanded to Eats, JUMP, Freight, and more. It’s incredible to look back just six months or a year and see how much you and your team have accomplished.”


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Explore our Operations & Launch teams

City Operations

We are the local eyes on Uber’s operations team, and own city-specific business outcomes and bridge our overall business strategy with local needs. We ensure complex, business-critical compliance work is done in a high-quality way and champion the core Uber experience in our cities.

Central Operations

In Central Operations, we develop and operationalize strategies that help us achieve our business goals. We work at scale across regions on key challenges and initiatives to deliver value and great experiences to our riders and driver-partners.

Strategy & Planning

Around the world, Strategy and Planning teams serve their mega-region through strategic guidance, thought leadership, and analytical excellence. We consistently evaluate Uber’s business strategy and work to drive governance and accountability in concert with our cross-functional partners.

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