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The smart way to welcome employees back

Create commute and meal programs that help employees feel safe as they return to the office

Take the work out of your team’s commute

Our new Door-to-Door Safety Standard was designed to help every ride feel safe and comfortable for everyone who uses our platform. So you’re helping to provide flexible solutions and provide peace of mind.

Simplify the daily commute

With Uber, your employees can tap a button and find a ride in over 10,000 cities around the world. They can also request rides in advance, a helpful feature for the morning commute.

Make better use of time

Creating your commute program gives time back to your employees and helps take away a major cause of stress. The back seat is the perfect place to get some work done or just unwind from the day.

Work within your budget

Whether you’re covering the full cost or a portion of your employee’s commute, our dashboard makes it easy to manage your program and set limits on location, time of day, and budget.

Reimagining the daily commute

As employees return to the office, the safety of their commute will be top of mind. Download our free guide to see how we can help you create your budget-friendly commute program that’s easy to manage.

“With the help of Eats for Business, we set up a meal program that provided staff a $40 lunch during our virtual all-hands staff meeting.”

Helen Hall
Executive Manager Marketing Strategy, Locatrix

Delight your employees with convenient meal delivery options

Whether your employees are returning to the office or working from home, offering meals saves time and helps keep everyone productive. The no-contact delivery feature is always available.

Help employees feel safe

From a no-contact delivery option to COVID-19 checklists for drivers and riders, safety is a top priority. Getting meals delivered also helps employees avoid unnecessary trips outside of the office.

Motivate your teams

Good food is great for business. Meal programs are often at the top of employees’ favourite benefits, and offering meals from local restaurants can help boost morale and show your appreciation.

Keep costs under control

Our dashboard makes it easy to manage your meal program, create spending limits and gain insights into overall usage. For more flexibility, you can offer employees Vouchers for a pay-as-you-go approach.

Boosting morale with Uber Eats

As you look for ways to support your employees, Uber for Business is here to support you. This free guide shows the important role that food plays in daily business, and it offers tips for keeping teams motivated with meals.

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Partner with a global platform that makes safety a top priority

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