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Save 50% on all rides with Mastercard

18 من ديسمبر، 2016 / الدوحة

When you Uber, chances are you don’t think about your payment method very often. After all, you can hop in and out without ever having to pull out your wallet.

But sometimes how you pay for your Uber rides can make a difference—and today that’s certainly the case as we offer 50% off when you bill your rides to a Mastercard card.

Use Mastercard now to save 50% on all rides

How it works:

  • Download or open the Uber app
  • Navigate to the Promotions tab and enter promo code MCDOHA
  • Ride with Mastercard to save 50% on all rides. Max value per ride QAR30
  • Valid through January 11th, 2017

Now, you can Uber without having to think about your payment method—your rides are more affordable with Mastercard!

Questions? Get in touch via Twitter or the Help tab on your Uber app.

Team Uber Doha