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Hidden Cities:

Rediscover your city

Every city has a hidden soul

Dubai is no exception. It’s in the tight-knit communities united by a love of music. In the homegrown fashion and locally-crafted food. In vinyl culture and arthouse cinema. In the independent stores and design collectives. The soul is unmistakable. Discover Dubai’s hidden story here, through the eyes of these local storytellers who know the real soul of the city, and see for yourself.

Fashion for the soul


Discover the fashion brand built by a skater kid.

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Food for the soul


Discover the underground supper club for ramen lovers.

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Music for the soul


Discover the female-forward music scene.

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Design for the soul


Discover the global-meets-local pop culture.

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Art for the soul


Discover the collective behind the first urban art exhibition.

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Chocolate for the soul


Discover the pioneer of local artisanal chocolate.

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We love this city. We want to know which places make you love it, too.

Hidden Cities: Dubai is the first volume of many. And since no one knows our city more than you, we invite you to tell us about your favorite spaces: restaurants, parks, shops, rooftops and everything in between. Who knows, you may be featured in Vol.02.

Discovering adventure

Hidden Cities

This resulted in challenging a few residents of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City and Manila to forge their own adventure by taking an Uber to the least visited places in their cities. With Canon cameras in tow, they captured unexpectedly beautiful moments in unfamiliar places. Proving that while travelling to foreign countries may surprise you, it’s in discovering your own city, that you can surprise yourself.

Many undiscovered places await the curious.

Request a ride and discover the real soul of Dubai.