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تخطٍ للوصول إلى المحتوى الرئيسي

Thanks for choosing Uber Events

Your event ride passes are ordered and have been sent to your email. Please follow these steps to help ensure a successful event.

Before the event: Share with guests

We've sent you two emails: 1) a confirmation email with your event details, and 2) an invitation with ride passes for you to share with your guest. When you receive the invitations, please forward them to your guests. They'll use it to claim the ride pass to your event. If you uploaded a guest list, we’ve already taken care of this for you!

During the event: Have a great time!

Plan the rest of your event knowing your guests can enjoy themselves to the max, and travel safely. Each guest who claims a ride pass will receive an event reminder when the travel window is active, which makes hailing a ride as simple as the tap of their finger.

After the event: Review usage

You will be charged for usage 3-4 days after the event, when Uber will send your receipt. You'll only be charged for the amount that your guests use. You will not be charged for any unused ride passes, or any leftover amount that goes unused on an individual ride pass.

تجربة الضيف

Before sending ride passes to your guests, review their end-to-end experience to help ensure seamless travel.

  1. Guests will receive an email from you inviting them to take a pre-paid Uber ride for the event.
  2. Guests claim their ride passes by following the instructions outlined in the email.
  3. When the event window goes live, guests will be notified that they can request a ride.
  4. Your guests can ride in style, with the cost of the ride covered up to the amount you chose.

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